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About Us

Sub Zero North is an organization committed to providing services in Thompson and surrounding region to various groups that require testing of their products in real-world cold weather conditions.  Sub Zero North  is here to assist you with all your testing needs.   

Thompson, MB provides a natural long winter conducive to provide a weather testing environment characterized by more than just reliably cold temperatures. Testers can put their products through their paces on a variety of terrain that duplicate real world conditions. Among the testing options are paved highways, urban streets, gravel roads, rugged wilderness roads, ice-covered lakes, downhill ski area and even airport runways.

If it works here, it will work anywhere!

Meet the Team

Tim Gibson

Project Manager,
SubZero North
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Curtis Ross

Thompson Regional Airport/AREA 55
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Jimmy Pelk

SubZero North

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Chris Reddy

Executive Director 
Thompson Community Development Corporation

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Laura Finlay

Community Development Officer
Community Futures North Central Development
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